Turn Your Blog into a Lead Gen Machine

Develop an audience, capture emails and nurture leads from your blog without lifting a finger.

"I know blogging works, but I just don't have time to write"

This is what we hear from founders all the time.

As a savvy startup founder, you know this as well: quality content can help you attract traffic, capture leads and develop relationships.

In fact, you've already seen the spectacular results regular blogging has earned some of your peers. Maybe you even have elaborate content plans, a blog hungry for readers, and dozens of ideas to capture leads.

...except for one problem: you just don't have time to blog.

How many times have you:

  • Started writing a blog post but abandoned it half-way because it’s just too much work.
  • Filled Excel spreadsheets with blog ideas that have never seen the light of day.
  • Created elaborate plans to capture emails (without ever implementing them)
  • Wasted hours finding writers who understand your business on Elance and oDesk.
  • Wondered if you could just hand over your blog to an experienced content marketer and focus on your business

We won't lie: creating content is hard. Following it up with lead magnets and promotion is even harder.

To do it regularly while also running a startup is damn near suicidal

Every moment you spend stringing together words is a moment you’re not writing code, raising money and calling up customers.

This is Where We Come in

Done-for-you blog marketing

Content creation, management and marketing automation that builds your audience and authority.

Our Proven Four Step Process


We'll help you put together a content strategy for attracting, nurturing and converting customers.


We'll create and post compelling content to your blog that turns visitors into readers, readers into fans.


After publishing, we'll promote your content through social media, email outreach and influencer marketing.


We'll capture leads through content upgrades and create relevant newsletters to nurture one-off visitors into loyal readers.

1. Blog Strategy & Customer Research

An audience-focused content strategy that builds readers. not just page views is the heart of any successful blog campaign.

Every successful content campaign starts with audience research. What to write, how to write it, and where to promote it: these are the questions we'll answer before starting any project.

To do this, we take a look at three things: your business, your competitors, and your customers.

We start by conducting a thorough content audit to spot weaknesses and highlight your strengths. Do you already have a blog? Articles? eBooks? Good rankings? We'll use this data to figure out what to improve (and what to ignore).

Next, we'll analyze your competition to find opportunities and see what works, what doesn't.

Our final - and most important - step is to understand your target audience. What are their top concerns and questions? What do they need help with? What do they want to see in their next favorite blog? We'll find answers to these questions and use them as the foundation of our content strategy.

  • Content audit
  • Competitor research
  • Customer research
  • Keyword research
  • Content creation
  • Visual asset creation

2. Content Development

The quality of your content wins you readers, cultivates influence and differentiates you from the competition.

Every word you publish says something about your brand and your business. Our goal in this step is simple: to help you create content that's at least twice as good as your competition.

Content creation is also our core competency. This is what we've done for over 2 years and what we excel at.

We'll start by conducting keyword research to find opportunities. Using this data, we'll create a long-term content plan to help you not only get readers, but also earn strong search engine rankings.

Next, we'll create and post high quality content to your blog. All our blog posts at at least 2,000 words of authoritative, expert-written content.

Great content is nothing without great presentation. We'll include custom graphics, blog headers and social media graphics to help your blog win even more readers.

3. Content Promotion & Distribution

Effective, consistent promotion is often the difference between successful and unsuccessful blogs.

The finest content can't thrive without effective promotion. The third step in our process is to distribute your content across multiple channels to get it before as many readers as possible.

Our promotion strategy follows a three-pronged approach: social media, outreach and long-term relationship building.

We'll start by promoting your content on all obvious channels - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Reddit.

Next, we'll reach out to relevant websites to earn backlinks, retweets, and editorial mentions.

Finally, we'll work with top influencers in your industry to build long-term relationships that will win you traffic, followers and connections for years to come.

  • Social media distribution
  • Email outreach
  • Relationship marketing
  • Email newsletters
  • Nurture emails
  • Lead capture

4. Audience Nurturing & Marketing Automation

Nurturing readers and automating marketing processes helps turn leads into paying customers.

On average, it takes 7 touches for skilled salespeople to close deals.

It's the same for marketing: unless you remind readers that you exist - and that you have something useful to offer them - you'll be forgotten.

We'll help you capture leads through compelling lead magnets - content upgrades, eBooks, whitepapers, guides. We'll then help you nurture these leads through automated email drip sequences and weekly/monthly newsletters.


Prices are all-inclusive and require no monthly commitment.

  • Custom blog strategy
  • Audience research
  • 2x blog posts/month
  • Content upgrade with every post
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Content promotion
  • Custom blog strategy
  • Audience research
  • 2x blog posts/month
  • 1x big blog post/month
  • Content upgrade with every post
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Content promotion
  • Monthly report
  • Custom blog strategy
  • Audience research
  • 4x blog posts/month
  • 2x big blog post/month
  • Content upgrade with every post
  • Weekly newsletter
  • 2x nurture emails/month
  • Content promotion
  • Monthly report
  • Dedicated content manager

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